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      In addition, in the form of conferences around there are some innovations.Second session of the CPPCC Yunnan Province, through the opening of the Third Session of the network and other forms of representative government, can not perform their duties of members attending the meeting made arrangements.30 Hong Kong and Macao members still outside the Sichuan fulfill leave procedures, review of conference materials online platform to submit proposals reflect public opinion.Sichuan also asked participants to watch this year's government work report live at the station hotel, written listen to the provincial "House" report.April 26 morning, the opening of the Hangzhou People's Congress thirteenth fifth meeting, members of the Fourth Session of the Eleventh CPPCC at the station watched by video conference broadcast live.(J) to strengthen epidemic prevention and control knowledge publicity.Internet service establishments to make use of the official site, multi-channel micro-channel public number, prompt cards, electronic display, promptly publicize place operating rules during the epidemic and epidemic prevention and control knowledge, enhance employee and consumer awareness of epidemic prevention and control.Second, the prevention and control of workplace managementAuthor Zhu Ming to (Nankai University, director of health economics and health care research center, Professor)(Xvii) to strengthen organizational leadership.Across cultural and tourism administrative departments to strictly implement the responsibility of local management to enhance prevention and emergency response capabilities, strengthen the linkage between the local health department and ensure a smooth and orderly work reopened.Six, safeguardsSecond, the prevention and control of workplace management

      (Xviii) strengthen supervision and inspection.Around cultural and tourism administrative departments should strengthen Internet service establishments open to resume inspections and supervision, investigate and punish illegal business activities in accordance with regulations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, maintain market order.He emphasized that we will take this preaching as an opportunity to persevere in our in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The vitality of economic development, vigorously cultivate new momentum for economic growth.4, the correction adaptive prediction guidance technology Past and Present(C) adhere to limiting reservation.Restored and opened to the venues should strictly implement the personnel appointments limiting measures.The number of theaters and other venues the audience may not exceed 30% of the number of theater seats, to sit intervals, keeping more than 1 meter away.To maintain a certain distance between actor.It contains a comprehensive multiple theater venues, but can only open a theater.In song and dance entertainment, tourist attractions, theme parks, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, bars, dining options, live music hall (LiveHouse) and other places to organize commercial performances, the show organizers to arrange for workers in the field who do counseling.Market Management Department of Culture and TourismNow "Theater and other venues reopened guide epidemic prevention and control measures," "Internet service business premises reopened guide epidemic prevention and control measures," "Entertainment reopened epidemic prevention and control measures Guide" issued to you, please do a good job with the actual implementation of implement.

      省发改委、省工信委、省商务厅等成员单位发言。Secondly, effective control time is short.Generation spacecraft return capsule reduced speed 150m / s from 9000m / s, 120km down from a height parachute 8km point, only 350 seconds, and the complex process dynamics.Original title: Ju Ming to: After the outbreak period, the social security system should make what changes?(X) make personnel management cast.Show organizers shall sign a security agreement with the participating units and individuals undertaking or health, good body temperature monitoring of the cast and crew (including administrative, logistical and other staff) and other prevention and control measures in advance.Every show to compress unnecessary cast and crew, keep a certain distance.Actor dressing rooms per capita area of not less than 5 square meters.2014 illegal "accounted for the" lead singer Anthony Wong short film "Who has not awakening" in the "accounts for the theme song" "ask who did not sound", encouraging people to confront the SAR Government.1.Theater and other venues reopened guide epidemic prevention and control measuresIn addition to the free "family of four", these poor households for home purchase "five pieces", the local will give 1,600 yuan per household subsidy.In order to solve the villagers' problems such as employment, health care and education, has specialized in the field of relocation check-poor households volunteer service station, in need of help and guidance masses.It is understood that this year four settlements Zhaojue County, Sichuan Province retreats have 4057 house, 3914 placement of poor households 18569 people. Click into the topic: Sichuan Liangshan "Cliff Village" relocation of villagers Editor: Zheng Yapeng

      The overseas high-level talent introduction working group is responsible for the organizational leadership and overall coordination of the 'Thousand Talents Program'.(Vii) strengthen epidemic prevention publicity.By setting venues should prompt card, display a variety of ways publicity materials, electronic display, strengthen epidemic prevention and control knowledge scientific propaganda.Now "Theater and other venues reopened guide epidemic prevention and control measures," "Internet service business premises reopened guide epidemic prevention and control measures," "Entertainment reopened epidemic prevention and control measures Guide" issued to you, please do a good job with the actual implementation of implement.(D) the main responsibility for the implementation of prevention and control.Venues to strictly enforce the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, prevention and control work to develop this place systems and contingency plans to implement prevention and control responsibilities to specific individuals.Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, cultural and tourism department (bureau), the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration of Radio:(B) adhere to the orderly opening.In the case of fully prepared and epidemic prevention measures in low-risk areas, the local party committee and government by consent, can organize commercial performances, but the suspension held in the large-scale commercial performances, the suspension of newly approved foreign-related, involving Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan commercial performances (except for the cast and crew have been in the territory).In high-risk areas, the suspension of commercial performances held.Third, to expand the coverage of social assistance, especially temporary relief

      Shi Yigong National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Force In 2015, another 1,028 overseas high-level talents were selected into the national 'Thousand Talents Program' to return to China (to come to China) to work.Because shorter sessions, conference schedule has been adjusted, such as reducing the number of plenary sessions, read the full text of the report is no longer.In Yunnan Province People's Congress meeting, usually held in the past five plenary sessions adjusted to three, the provincial Standing Committee work report and in "House" work report adjusted to make brief oral report on the basis of a written report on the issuance of other reports adjustments not clearly defined laws and regulations must be heard to be issued in writing plenary session.Sichuan Provincial People's Congress to listen when "House" work report adjusted to the first plenary meeting.In the opening session of the CPPCC Hangzhou, 15 members of the General Assembly to speak part of the original speech, only five were members of the April 24 on-site oral statements, the remaining 10 members instead taped speech, taped video in the performance of their duties related to intelligence platform release.(A) adhere to the norm prevention and control.Across cultural and tourism administrative departments shall, in accordance with the "territorial principle" strict compliance with requirements of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters sector, combined with the actual situation in the region, firmly and realistically grasp relentlessly fine the prevention and control work, formulate venues included the epidemic prevention and control programs and contingency plans, and timely dynamically adjusted to ensure safety.The move involved the village four villagers group, follow "from near and far, from easy to difficult," the order, yesterday, at the foot of the mountain community of cattle sleep first batch of 12 poor households start first move.The villagers from the mountains to the city, supplies are ready yet?Can not adapt to urban life?2020 May 12(Xii) make the employees' health monitoring.Strengthen employee health management, master track employee travel, etc..Employees work should wear a mask, temperature screening and health inquiry, fever, respiratory symptoms, work shall be suspended immediately and seek medical advice.Original Title: cells 2 days by six cases new crown, surrounding the nucleic acid detection 70,000

      通过扎实的理论学习,引领全省党外知识分子自觉做到明大势、辨方向,听党话、跟党走,建功业、报国恩。V. anomalies disposalNotification cultural and Market Management Department Ministry of Tourism on the issuance of "Theater and other venues reopened guide epidemic prevention and control measures," etc.Original title: Culture & Tourism Ministry issued performances, entertainment reopened Guideannex:Anthony Wong 1990 film became active in 1993, the "Eight Immortals hotel's 人肉叉烧包" 1998 "Beast Cop" and 2018 "fallen man", he three times won the Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actor award, and to "fly" "Infernal Affairs" and "Initial D" three times the Taiwan Golden Horse Award for best supporting actor.(XVI) prepared to deal with the disposal of when an outbreak is detected.Entertainment venues such as the emergence of epidemic suspected symptoms should be immediately launched emergency plans, do on-site management, to avoid panic, with the health sector to take quarantine measures, do cleaning and disinfection work and the temporary closure of premises.