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(Total station CCTV reporter Li Wenjie) Editor: Zhang ShenOriginal title: Civil Aviation Authority issued a document: Do not take discriminatory measures against foreign investmentZhao Lijian: I do not know the situation you mentioned, please ask the competent authorities.

There are personal credit, community trust, making people work to save a lot of trouble governmental agencies, the most prominent point is that do not need to have too many proven, many departments do not need to find a stamp.You want something done, the relevant government departments landing site, download the application form, fill out the real information, and finally sign their name, mailing out, even when they had the basic.There is not enough evidence, there is no authoritative body seal, do not afraid of applicant fraud?Do not be afraid, you believe the government, you have to respect yourself, to fill in the content of their own responsible for the authenticity, if fraud, then it is ready to bear all the consequences.The rise in industrial and commercial, social transformation period, with changes in lifestyle, values, many countries have experienced a lack of credit even during the corruption, China is no exception.Over the past few decades, urbanization has created a highly strange society, rapid economic growth provides an unprecedented opportunity to make a fortune, at the same time, the legal system, education, governance capacities have not sync up, many factors lead to China society a more serious credibility crisis: no personal integrity, false invoices, false documents, false marriages, fake divorce, neighborhood suspicion, hostility dispersion; heartless business, product fraud, false advertising, false data, you can do anything for profit; decline in public trust in government, all kinds of rumors.A lack of trust in society and values distorted, high transaction costs, low efficiency of social management.May 15 morning, Jing'an District, the region's leaders held a meeting, Minister of Municipal Committee, Organization Department in Shaoliang attended the meeting, Deputy Minister of Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, chaired the meeting Zheng Jianlin.It was announced that the Municipal Committee decided: Comrade Yong Ren Jingan District secretary; removed from Jing'an Party Secretary Lu Xiaodong comrades, Standing Committee member.High degree of trust of European society, not only in their daily lives and government administration, but also a profound impact on the judicial system design.For example, there is a modern Code of Criminal Procedure in Europe stems from the basic principle called "presumption of innocence", its meaning and philosophy is reflected in the trust of the accused - before making a valid court decision, are each accused it should be assumed to be innocent, so in court that he could not speak, could also denied the allegations of the prosecutor; juries and judges should go to trial based on the above assumptions, choose to believe the defendant is innocent, only when prosecutors presented evidence that trust enough to fall, it may decide his guilt.March 2015, 中央纪委驻 State Office of Discipline Inspection Group was founded, became the first head of Xin Weiguang.According to the central deployment, discipline inspection group stationed in the State Council, responsible for centralized supervision of the State Council, the State Department chief of staff, the State Government Offices Administration of Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, State Council Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council Research Office of the State Council Development Research Center, the National School of Administration , State Bureau for letters and other 9 units.

At 14:28 on May 12, Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial 12th anniversary of the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake memorial ceremony, the scene vigil of silence the memory of the victims compatriots and martyrs who sacrificed their lives. Editor: Zheng YapengIt must have the relevant departments of the changing situation on the very first state to seek snap, grab dutifully consciousness before Zhuazao, but also the "finer and more real" plan for follow-up support initiatives, both to ensure access to dynamic real-time data, but also to ensure data and sharing information in a timely manner "in close contact" industry, departmental interaction, thus ensuring the scenic, traffic travel appear less timely and effective diversion when congestion or impending congestion, protect the tourism and other holiday travel safety and quality of consumer services.May 12, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference.A reporter's question, the Taiwan foreign affairs department head Wu, 11, said mainland China and WHO signed a secret "memorandum of understanding" in 2005, related to Taiwan's participation in WHO activities, how does China comment?Central thirteenth inspection teams, team leader Eon Creek, presence and Central Party Document Institute;"Zhong Nanshan: the common people on the" winning by the writer Lu Xun Xiong Yu Chun wrote, once published, triggering strong concern inside and outside the literary world.A synchronous non-fiction works and events, how to create a good grasp of literature and reality Precision Scale?A public familiar public figures, describe how to characterize the narrative tension and soul out of people?Faced with this problem, Bear Yu Chun surrendered their wonderful work, set a benchmark for the distance Realistic nonfiction.

Second, fully prepared before the show.China firmly opposes the so-called proposal "to invite Taiwan to participate in this year's WHA as an observer" in Swaziland and a few other countries proposed.Taiwan's participation in the WHA must be treated in accordance with the principle of one China, which is the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 and the WHO General Assembly 25.The basic principles contained in Resolution 1.In line with the premise of one China principle, the Chinese central government to make Taiwan's participation in global health affairs proper arrangements to ensure that public health events both on the island and internationally, Taiwan can be timely and effective response, there is no so-called Taiwan " international immunization gap ".WHO General Assembly for many years refused to Taiwan-related proposal submitted by a few countries, fully reflects the international community to adhere to the one China principle general consensus.Original title: Bengbu agricultural firm, the former chairman Shao new disciplinary review and monitor the investigation3.Optimize government services.Provides online check-government, e-certificates, government information sharing, standardization of government affairs, government affairs and a series of concrete measures to enhance government services, the work has been carried out to increase the system requirements to ensure the continued advance; refinement of the work is promoting the implementation of measures and work steps to ensure the requirements of the "regulations" landing system.In August 2001 he was appointed Huai'an City, check prices clerk;WHO count on major contributor to that WHO should listen to their command, which is typical of hegemonic mentality; because WHO adhere to an objective and fair stance on the US side not to cater to stop donations, which is typical of threats and blackmail.To "We lie, we cheat, we steal" proud of the United States Secretary of State Pompeo, the recent outbreak of pneumonia on a new crown to China "sullied" again, accused China of "likely" to conceal the epidemic.The other hand, with Navarro as the representative of the White House, "touts" group, then do everything we can to advocate the withdrawal of US-owned China, incitement "decoupling".(C) "the adequacy of plans" as part of the landscape and urban transport service exams holidays plus questionsTypical Case 1: May 1, users Rose @ rain - Ting microblogging said his net purchase ten items, more than two thousand dollars, the seller a false shipping, logistics and service location is simply not their shipping address.With the platform to reflect the consumers think the platform has been perfunctory attitude.The friends said, as many as several hundred people that have the same experience, the same shops, the same problem, but turn a blind eye platforms.Epidemic has accelerated the daily lives of consumers of Consumer online.The monitoring public opinion from the acquired data and typical cases of view, lead to consumer tucao "Online consumption" There are two situations: First, purchase a product, or to accept service on all major online conduct, such as live bands goods shopping, receive coupons, online consumption; the second is "on-line" of consumption has become the main entrance to the line, such as OTA platform, online booking and other tourism attractions.Second, the main content

Typical Case 2: May 2, according to Jiangsu Province Radio and Television reported that when the citizens of Nanjing Mr. daughter, in the knowledge of the parents, just 14 minutes time with prepaid iPhone has more than 70 pen, a total of 4 million yuan to buy "peace elite" online game coupons.Later, when Mr. games Tencent contact customer service, let the other side to find Apple customer service to solve, but Apple says "can not be returned," and does not provide any reason for rejection.Central eighth inspection teams, Ning Yan, head of the order, entered the emergency management department;In the inside, Zhang meritorious conduct "patriarchal" and "mouthpiece", the final say in all things personal, non-existent democratic centralism.During supernumerary human rectification, Zhang Jiangong illegal hiring 97 temporary staff, 66 research without meeting.After the elevator inspection chief Qin Bao Jian after receiving organization conversation, Zhang Jiangong not only did not urge them to rely on the organization, active account, but to help it clear the relationship between the grounds to ask for $ 50,000, even taken indwelling measures in Qin Jian Bao, their families ask 10 ten thousand yuan unsuccessful.Followed by effective social credit mechanism.For a free and equal in terms of the business community, one of the most important assets is its people and businesses with good credit records.Therefore, society has formed a set of scientific and rational credit system, individual behavior and business conduct of credit rating.Good credit history of individuals and businesses, this can be achieved by good reputation and good name recognized by society, and in the interests of profit distribution and commercial activities, while those with bad credit records, you need to pay for that, for individuals, the university, find a job, buy insurance, will be affected, for business, its brand value has shrunk to its stock price will fall.

The "harvest" long spring rolls 2020 special issue published by Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, in addition to "Zhong Nanshan: the common people on", the book also contains a melon should be "To Happy New Year", Zhang bogey of "Nanhuo shop" Sun-frequency "we are riding a whale away" and a number of original fine contemporary literature. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Zheng YapengPeople traveling in Europe, may be impressed by its public transport system.First, its certainty, the bus is basically the dot every stop; second, it is undefended, the bus system for passengers complete trust and openness.To the subway, for example, inbound outbound passengers complete freedom, no security, no gates, no conductor.Passenger tickets themselves, their own punch, casual ride, just off a high degree of autonomy and self-discipline.Of course, occasionally there will be checked, but the frequency is very low, if you do not take the subway to work every day on the bus, they could meet once a month may not be checked.Original title: Poster Contest to fight the epidemic of plagiarism large site, colleges and universities do not silence | boiling11, is being investigated Shanxi Datong Xi Jinping, general secretary came to the city of West Town Square Village, the villagers went into the white alpine house, sitting on the kang same family engaged in small talk.White Mountain excited about the tremendous changes in the lives of an ex situ poverty alleviation relocation to the General Secretary.Xi stressed that the Communist Party wholeheartedly for the people's well-being, and now not only do not receive set-aside, no taxes, no fees, no pay food, but poor people to build a house, teach skills, to find rich opportunities.White Mountain said excitedly, Zhuang Huren from room to build houses, which are a top priority.Without the Communist Party, there would be no happy life today, folks would like to thank the Communist Party.Sangshao Huai ResumeShow organizers should recommend to the relevant personnel to carry masks to enter the exhibition hall.Control Conference should urge exhibitors, forums and various activities of the number and size.Original title: Huaiyin District of Huai'an City, the former Minister Committee, Publicity Jiangsu Province Huai checked SangshaoApparently, the matter of lessons and inspiration for many, it appears people "silent", but subsequent disposal should not be "silent".The apology apology, which bear responsibility to bear responsibility, criticism of the criticism, the reflection of reflection, so to be worthy to help fight the epidemic of mind, but also to avoid misleading people more.

According broke the news, Recently, like Pirates of the map, change the map is nothing new in college Poster Contest.The complaint colleges, or simply do not respond, either to make informed only afterwards deal with criticism arising from either student.Source: Hohhot People's Procuratorate Editor: Zheng YapengNational Health health committee website May 12 news, since the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the country conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, and effectively implement the "Four early 'requirements, and strengthen sooner, focus on strengthening the fever clinics set up and manage, the formation of many good experiences and good practices.In the meantime, the Shanghai Health Health Commission constantly improve the work system, the development of construction standards, strengthening staff and equipment configuration, strengthen staff training, continuous improvement management of fever clinics, the good epidemic prevention and control critical juncture.To further improve the work-related fever clinics, we've put together a fever clinic in Shanghai construction management experience, for the country to learn from the medical treatment and epidemic prevention and control work.Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University, Executive Dean disk and Lin said to the media review, the bank may be to eat a ticket reflects the bank did not pay sufficient attention to data systems, also shows that regulators increase the intensity of supervision data.Future, in the era of big data, regulators may pay more attention to regulatory data, including data security, data quality.People traveling in Europe, may be impressed by its public transport system.First, its certainty, the bus is basically the dot every stop; second, it is undefended, the bus system for passengers complete trust and openness.To the subway, for example, inbound outbound passengers complete freedom, no security, no gates, no conductor.Passenger tickets themselves, their own punch, casual ride, just off a high degree of autonomy and self-discipline.Of course, occasionally there will be checked, but the frequency is very low, if you do not take the subway to work every day on the bus, they could meet once a month may not be checked.Within a week, the oil plus the four former executives "in charge" has been uncovered.Media call them "tiger nest side by oil" or "oil clique".At this point, Jiang Jiemin served as director of SASAC under the age of six months, Li Hualin, deputy general manager of CNPC took office less than a month.