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      Original title: this year, temporarily held in China International Industry Fair dataAmbassador Liu: This accusation comes from?Do you have evidence of it?Ambassador Liu: is a summary and assessment, but it should be at the appropriate time, but not now.How can we do better when the purpose of the assessment is to carry out scientific analysis, sum up experience, in response to the next pandemic.This is the purpose of the assessment, rather than accusing China.Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of World Economics and Politics Zhang Jinjie believes that China has a unique advantage in the global industrial chain, supply chain, "China has the world's most complete industrial system and the growing scientific and technological innovation, investment in China is the vast majority of multinational rational choice. ".This is an important measure in line with the school educational goals, enhance the level of college education, to further reinforce the Academy "quality-oriented, with practice, mainstream-oriented culture master" educational philosophy.To develop a good basis for more heavy, development space broader high-level journalism and communication talents, the college to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all the teachers, for training objectives academic and professional doctorate graduate, curriculum design and training links, carried out system-depth investigation and reconstruction, and effectively protect and improve the training quality.Peng Gang requirements, the college should further promote solid work, implement Qiu Yong president May 6 when the research school of journalism, on behalf of reform and development requests from schools, strengthen the construction of basic theory, active service national strategy, attention and support the development of young teachers, and constantly improve the level of teachers, continue to promote international education, to improve the ability of international spread.For the operating system and application level, Huawei announced on the P40 series will be equipped with its service and HMS App Gallery app store, without Google's App Store and Google Play GMS.This is the first time all use Huawei's own services on the flagship model.For some time, some US politicians to shirk their poor treatment in the new crown pneumonia outbreak responsibility, "rejection pot" China, extremely stigmatized as possible and fabricated all kinds of lies, while claiming that there is "substantial evidence" that the new virus crown a laboratory from China, while they represent are not sure about the origin of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, conspiracy theory that incoherently, in this unprecedented contest with the virus in humans, leaving a disgraceful mark.

      Ambassador Liu: Do not mention it. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown pneumonia epidemic Editor: Yang Jie"National List" handle matters set out the name, material handling, processing time, for the specific content of links, so that more business for the "standard".Ambassador Liu: There is no doubt, we work closely with the international community of scientists, but it should have a political motive behind the so-called "independent investigation" to distinguish.When you say the world called for an independent investigation, it is just individual countries, the United States, Australia, you can say it in 10 countries?I think that in many countries of the world called for unity and cooperation to deal with the epidemic, rather than blame each other.Today's theme is focused on how to overcome the virus, save lives, rather than the accused, thrown pot.Original title: this year, temporarily held in China International Industry Fair dataIn early April, Huawei released the glory of the thousand machine Play 4T products, equipped with the unicorn 710A processor, the latter on the use of SMIC's 14-nanometer process.Secondly, the reason why US companies in China layout, to a large extent is the value of China's huge market.

      (2) failing to garbage collection, transportation and transported to meet the conditions, place in line with the requirements of environmental control storage, or handed over to comply with corporate collection, transportation, shall be imposed; overdue correction, the unit at more than 2,000 and 5,000 yuan fine;Wei Jianguo in view, taking into account the implementation of China's new foreign investment law this year, continue to improve the business environment, strengthening the favorable factors for foreign investment promotion and protection, is expected by 2020, China absorbed foreign investment is expected in the last year based on "higher level ".(Li Yu) Editor: Zhang ShenFor in-depth lectures tackling poverty policy measures to promote various localities and departments to carry out the typical experience and practice tackling poverty work, speak good tackling poverty touching stories that demonstrate the achievement tackling poverty made, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office launched a poverty alleviation poverty network show, from 2020 5 since formally launched on May 12.March 25, US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (hereinafter referred to as "BIS") announced plans to extend the "Huawei temporary license extension" of the public comment period until April 22, the inquiry mainly on a temporary license if no extension, where public companies and organizations will have any effect, and the end of the licensing-related costs, but the news did not change the original term of the temporary license.The message released today by the official on the "Tsinghua Qing small new" public numbers, the number public organized by the Communist Youth League of Journalism and Communication of Tsinghua University.Tel: 12123, traffic control voice service hotline: 027-85394427, Gong police officer.Please weekdays 8: 30-17: 00 call. Click into the topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic Editor: Tu ZhengyangSchools repeated research, careful decision-making, decided to significantly expand the scale of Graduate School of Journalism master's degree, college personnel training in the future mainly at the graduate level.

      9th of this month, Wuhan crown new cases reported 1 new confirmed cases of pneumonia, which is new confirmed cases since April 3 Wuhan again report.May 10, Wuhan Crown has added new confirmed cases of pneumonia in 5 cases, the six confirmed cases were from San Min area.10 afternoon, the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of the Liaison Group to Wuhan East Lake Sanmin district and neighboring markets, prevention and control of on-site inspection, supervision and implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.Wuhan, traffic control department, gather as much as possible to reduce the staff, each subject test screenings and the reduction of the number of test set.To learn driving certificates are valid between January 31 to May 1 due date students will have priority booking rights.Other non-essential circumstances, the proposed delay of about test.At the same time, theory test practice "compartments sit", two subjects, three subjects implementation of "one car one person" test mode.Bureau of Statistics data show that 1--4 month, the national online retail sales 3.0698 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.7% January - March after falling 0.8%; where physical goods online retail sales grew 8.6% of 1 - a fast secondary in March.7 percentage points, accounting for total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for 24.1% of 1 - increase in March.5 points. Editor: Yang JieChang'an Avenue governor (micro letter ID: Capitalnews) noted that, following Shulan, plump and Shenyang City district, this round of the epidemic spread to the Jilin City under the jurisdiction of Chuanying: A female patient born in 1975, was previously patients diagnosed fullness area close contacts, now living Chuanying joy Township village, diagnosed 14.According to Xinhua News Agency reported, after Shenyang three cases of confirmed cases of the disease, where it has completed more than 5600 nucleic acid testing, the test results were negative.Other risk groups still Detection.Original title: Anhui Huaibei exceptional promotion because of their work would be needed on a grass-roots cadres less than two years work experienceFirst, the existing global industrial chain, supply chain pattern is the result of years of foreign enterprises common choice is the result of a combination of factors factor cost economies, supporting industries and infrastructure Interaction.With the Ministry of Commerce spokesman as saying the peak, which is not formed overnight, nor is it what people, what country can freely change.

      Sports, arts, science and technology categories 特长生招生 not universal plan.Non unplanned, over plans to organize enrollment; enrollment is strictly prohibited organization in advance, in disguise "pinch point" selected students; non-self tissue or joint training institutions and social organizations to the selection of students for the purpose of various types of examinations, or using self-organized social training institutions various types of exam results.Found to violate these policies, the investigation is true, then cancel all enrollment eligibility.Candidates appointment process is: enter "traffic control 12123" APP, click on the "examination order"; choose to enter the examination room after the exam appointment page; Site Selection and then select the exam time.Currently, the exam time is divided into three batches of time.Liaoning aspects have been of three cases of close contacts and indirect contacts 1093 people were focused on observation or home quarantine, the risk to other people or 6434 people implemented a centralized home quarantine observation.Shenyang City, the 13th issued a circular to the requirements of Jilin Shen staff since April 22 changed all centralized quarantine for 21 days and carried out three times a nucleic acid detection.Moderator: The international community does not trust another reason China is the Chinese side refused the International Independent Investigation.If you do not hide, then why not the Chinese side Wuhan international community laboratory, "wet markets" investigation?Not long ago, "New York Times" published an open letter by the more than 70 experts and scholars from China and the US public health affiliate, noting that the spread of rumors or conspiracy theories spread of viral origin, which worsened bilateral relations practices "no place for" appeal to avoid politicizing the epidemic."Rejection pot", blame-shifting attempt unpopular and unhelpful, the most current needs of the international community, but scientific attitude, fight against SARS in force.The new crown pneumonia epidemic proved once again, only to build the human community is the fate of human right.The global outbreak growth continues, the rational choice, unite and resist hatred, scorn, this is a shared responsibility of people.Ambassador Liu: In China, no one in reporter activity since been detained, some people were detained because of illegal activities.In China, no one is above the law, equality before the law.Reporters identity can not provide cover for any offense.According to Chinese statistics, in April China's actual use of foreign investment profit surge 11.8%, not only reversed the downward trend in March, far higher than the same period last year 6.The 3% level.The first four months of this year, China's actual use of foreign investment 2865.500 million yuan, a decline in the first quarter narrowed 4.7 points.

      This morning, the Ministry of Education introduced the progress the school campus to resume classes and epidemic prevention and control, university entrance exams and graduates around, etc..Office of the Ministry of Education to deal with new outbreaks of pneumonia crown Work Leading Group, Sports Health and Art Education Secretary Wang Dengfeng, said recently saw a talk on the network, about the students may not wear masks at school, this saying is the premise:Original title: Statistics: April crude oil imports 40.43 million tons, down 7 year.5%Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei in a recent interview said that as long as the United States approved, will still be large-scale procurement (USA) chips.He also said that the domestic chip manufacturers currently produce low-end chips still have the ability, but the lack of high-end chip capacity.Any chip manufacturing companies need a growth process.Ambassador Liu: I have no intention of criticizing the UK vaccination policy.I want to talk about is that China is willing to share the British side, the exchange of experience in epidemic prevention and control.I am here to provide you a first-hand news: Tomorrow, China Wei Jian Commission Director Ma Xiaowei and Chinese experts will hold a video conference with British Health Secretary Hancock and British experts, the meeting is expected to last more than two hours, the two sides will epidemic prevention and control will be in-depth exchanges.I think this is what we have to do now.We need to recognize the new crown virus is the common enemy of mankind, we need to strengthen unity and cooperation, jointly cope with risks and challenges, to fight the epidemic, until the final victory.As President Xi Jinping said, the unity and cooperation of the international community to overcome the epidemic most powerful weapon.First, we must seriously study the international situation and international public opinion struggle continues for News Broadcast, news media work, development and changes in the news media industry, play a discipline expertise, ideological and longer respond to changes in the external environment preparation and work preparation;Original title: developing new papers in top journals crown misuse pictures, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences apologyBureau of Statistics data show that January - April, the National Urban employment 354 million, an increase of less 105 million.In April, China's urban unemployment rate was 6 investigation.0%, up 1-0 March.1 percentage point. Editor: Yang Jie